Peacemakers Class

The skills of Peacemaking and Conflict Resoultion 

 Beginners Ages 3-5

Establish students can become peacemakers and to help them identify and practice their peacemaking skils and strengths Students will learn to love one another, including peers, parents, siblings, leaders .  NMVYC aim is  to positively change violence-related attitudes, to train students in conflict-related psychosocial skills, and to reduce aggression and violence among youth in the communities. 

​​Problem Solving



Positive behavior

April Richardson comes with love and passionate, teaching many young people to learn how to share, care, love one another. This class is an awesome beginning stages of children learning and taking responsiblitly for their actions, no matter what they are feeling inside. 
To every student who attends this class will learn the  importance of peacemaking skills in their daily lives. Peacemakers class will also help students to understand the causes of conflict, and teach them how to resolve conflict peacefully as children. Violence is pervasive in our culture and impacts our young people every day, from guns on the streets to bullies in schools, intolerance, and our inability to connect with, respect, and be kind to each other. These experiences have a devastating effect on young people's healthy development, and contributes to a cycle that is at the root of so many other problems in our world.

My goal is to have students recognize exclusionary behavior when it happens and to identify places and situations in which exclusion may occur. Unfortunately, not enough young people are being called to act and supported to create powerful solutions and being apart of the NMVYC students will have a change  of

behavior experience.  Peacemakers class is to develop the needs of young people and to help them develop and practice positive behaviors.Peacemakers class will address in eduating with hands on curriculcum, such as friendship, fairness, cooperation, conflict resolution, and consequences of actions, all through the use of experiential activities and cooperative games.

The Peacemaker Program

  • To develop  children and youth to live peaceful lives
  • Promote compassion and respect                   
  • Healthy choices, saftey at Home and School
  • Talking it out


  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Workshops
  • Youth Convention
  • Community Awareness Events
  • Speaking Engagement for victims families (Instructors)

Peacemaker class not only educate in the Annual No More Violence Violence Youth Convention but would like to come and partner with you. 

Program Information 

                                 Topic  Area
                                     Ages of Child 
                                   Type of Service
                               Youth Development

                            Topic Presented NMVYC
                                      Talking it out
                          Understanding Differences
                            Understanding Feelings
                           Saftey at home and school 
                                Anger Management
                         Type of Outcome Addressed
                                  Behavior Problems
                                 Violence Behavior



Opportunities to Serve!

The No More Violence Youth Convention (NMVYC)  offers so many ways to help eduate students from the communities on suicide awareness and prevention. Interested in traveling to different cities, communities, and states making a difference saving lives,  WE NEED YOU!


Please send an email of your choice to serve and the organization will be glad to contact you with more information. 

  • Annual No More Violence Youth Convention
  • Community Events
  • Educating in Schools
  • Workshops 
  • Become an Instructor Teacher
  • Parent who lost a child from violence- seeking opportunites for speaking engagements. 


No More Violence Organization started in memory of Deonte (DJ) Johnson killed April 2011 and started the Organization September 2011 in memory of DJ. Deonte was a young man who was loved by many, a young man full of life. A brother of two siblings and a wonderful mother, April Richarsdson.

Deonte was an innocent child playing outside his apartment complex when a group of yong men outside fighting ran over DJ. However, Deonte Johnson unfortunately, became brain dead and did not survived. Across the world, teen fighting and violence has become a serious problem and we as the community have to stand together to help the youth make better decision-making. 

No More Violence Organization is the voice to help seek justice and support families of the vicitms. The Organization implements many positive alternative programs for the youth such as the NMVYC to provide better opportunities to engage students to make better decision-making

    April Richardson 
        DJ  Mom

Deonte "DJ' Johnson 

The No More Violence Youth Convention is grateful for any financial support that we recieve from those who wish to help us educate students to become peacemakers. Making your donation onine is as fast, convenient and secure way to get us your donation immediately. Contribution statement is available upon request.