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Ages 16-18



Edwin Debiew who is an excellent Teen Instructor  for the No More Violence Youth Convention and has years of experience teaching students about Law Enforcement. Edwin has volunteer and working with the No More Violence Organization since 2012 and became No More Violence Youth Convention Teen Instructor in 2015.
Mr. Debiew comes with life applications and does great with engaging students with a every day life situations to help students make good decisions.  Edwin class curriculcum is provided by "NOBLE" National Organization of Black Law Enforcment. 
Edwin Debiew encourages parents to come out and take part of the No More Violence Youth Convention if you have a child who needs to be educated on how to comply with Law Enforcement or anyone in Authority figure to help students become successful in life. Edwin is very committed to students changing their lives as well the Convention.

Edwin Debiew








  •  How to comply with Law Enforcement

  • Decision-making

  • Responsibity

  • Problem -solving 

  • Positive relationship with Law Enforcement
           and students

To provide students with basic understanding

of Law Enforcement, to educate, encourage 

and motivate students to inspire high morals

to make correct decision.  Students are also

taught to work towards win-win solutions to


To improve police/youth interactions,

supporting communities partnering to 

promote non-violence and educate 

positive youth/police relationships. 

About me

                                                                                 THIS BOOK WRITTEN by Edwin Debiew is a book of sudden thoughts which came over his mind within                                                                                        the last few months. Edwin wanted to capture those thoughts in writing and decided to try his hand at                                                                                             poetry. Edwin Debiew is a poet who thinks outside of the normal poetic structure and conforms to his                                                                                           own rules of writing poetry. He writes from his impromptu thoughts and allows the poems to develop in                                                                                       his mind while formulating the final product. Edwin's ink pen adapts a mind of its own and cuts like a                                                                                                sword when needed, and paints like a new brush at times. Edwin creates poems just like a lyricist who                                                                                            recites verse after verse-using various rhyme schemes.

   Poetry defined is a freedom of expression that is fluid like water. Simply meaning, poetry can mean many things to many people, but the greatest thing about the meaning, is that it is whatever you want it to be. Of course, there has to be some grammatical and thematic cohesion, but the meaning can span from A to Z, if your mind flows freely. The process of aligning words concertedly to arrive at a point with the intention to generate feelings is a good definition! This is Edwin Debiew's definition of poetry.

His new book, Impromptu Poetry, "Thoughts On My Mind" possesses various thought provoking themes, while showing a variety of rhyme schemes. Edwin uses real life examples of joy and daily issues and turns them into short poetic stories for readers to build upon. From short tanaga's and clerihew's, Edwin flows long with "The Opposite of Invictus" and "R&B Songs and Memories."

Moreover, Impromptu Poetry is Edwin's story as he progresses in life. His poems expounds on past experiences, perceptions by others and relationships with others of the world. Edwin gives credence in love poems for women-to declare their great place in society. Impromptu Poetry will make many laugh, think, invoke inner feelings and motivate and guide people through the mind of a man who continues to strive for the best life has to offer!


In this compelling new book, federal agent Edwin Debiew speaks honestly and candidly about the social ills facing people of color: sagging pants with exposed underwear, beautiful video vixens gyrating their hips on national television, lack of African American fathers in homes, growing family relationships, and more. After growing up on the streets of New Orleans and escaping poverty and police brutality, this new book is one man's attempt to clear the path for today's youth.


Make a difference


Your donation will give many victims families the opportunties to serve and share their story to save a life through the No More Violence Organization program such as the NMVYC.  The Convention is grateful for any financial support that we recieve from those who wish to help us bring awareness of Law Enforcement. Making your donation online is as fast, convienent and secure way to get us your donation immediately.  Contribution statement is available upon request. 

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Opportunities to Serve

 Please send an email of your choice to serve below or request the convention to host an event in your city or community,  and the organization will be glad to contact you with more details. 

  • Annual No More Violence Youth Convention
  • Community Events​
  • Educating in Schools
  • Workshops
  • Become an Instructor Teacher​​
  • Parent who lost a child from Law Enforcement- opportunities for speaking engagements