Hazing Prevention 

The late Donnie Wade Jr. 

Donnie and Katrina Wade lost a precious life who they loved to hazing in 2009. For their pain is what they endure daily knowing they will never see their son again. Through the hurt and pain, Donnie and Katrina Wade finds strength to help save and educate students on hazing through the No More Violence Organization and Convention.

Donnie and Katrina Wade became members of the Organization in 2012 and have done such an outstanding job of educating students in the community through the organization.  Donnie and Katrina Wade are the Hazing Instructors for the No More Violence Youth Convention that is held Annual in July in different cities and communities. The Convention has grown in attendance with the educating and impacting bringing students from different communities to become educated on various class topics dealing with acts of Violence. As a community we can save lives by sharing the awareness, educating students more on their decision making and helping to enforce the laws and policies to be changed to prevent these types of violence acts

August 4, 1989- October 20, 2009

Our lives will never be the same....

Hazing Prevention Program 

Young Adult /College 

Mr. and Mrs. Wade says they are determined to keep sharing the importance of hazing prevention. 


To create a change in attitude and behavior from humiliating or degrading experience, physical injury or psychological harm, as a result of a hurting incident. The NMVYC promotes and educate students to have respect, dignity, and encourages each other to speak up without fear of retribution. 

  •  Teach students how to identify hazing
  •  Understanding the dangerous practices of hazing
  •  Notifing proper authorities witnessing hazing
  • ​Educate students why reasons of pledging and reporting
  • Develop strong, positive, responsible leaders
  • Provide positive alternatives to hazing
  • Encourage newcomers to report any anticpated or actual hazing


  • College Campus
  • High School
  • Workshops
  • ​Conventions
  • Community Awareness Events
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Middle Schools 



My Story.... My Pain.... 


The No More Violence Youth Convention/Organization is grateful to have Mr. and Mrs. Wade to be apart of the organization as well instructors of the convention teaching Hazing prevention but also support the family as they continue to share awareness from their organization called, "Dreams of Greatness without Hazing, Founder Katrina Herron-Wade, Desoto, Texas. 

Unless We Start To Speak Out Against Hazing, It Will Never Stop And More Will Be Injured and Killed! 

Mr. Donnie and Mrs. Katrina Wade would love to hear from you, leave us your contact information and how we can serve you as well any speaking engagements.  "Dreams of Greatness Without Hazing"  (Non profit 501(c) 3



The NMVYC is grateful for any financial support that we recieve  from those who wish to help us educate more on hazing awareness. Making your donation online
is as fast, convenient and secure way to get us your donation immediately.  Thank you for your support.  Contrbution statement is available upon request.