Gun Violence Prevention 

The NMV-Youth Convention is thankful to have Debora Williams and Terrance Williams to be apart not only the organization but Instructors for the No More Violence Youth Convention. Both come with passion and making a difference of sharing their story of losing their son to gun violence, to save a child life.  The couple comes with compassion and dedication educating students  to find a better solution of committing any violence, but understanding  guns harm to not only themselves but others.  Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams is doing everything to make sure there grandchildrens who father ( Sheldon J. Williams Sr.)  killed from Gun Violence become educated, but to provide ongoing support. The NMVYC is doing a great job in supporting many victims families who attends with young people who suffered the loss of their love ones to acts of violence as well support to the entire family. 
Debra Williams 
Terrance Williams

Gun Violence Prevention Program 

​Ages 10-11

 The No More Violence Youth Convention (NMVYC) gun violence prevention program/class is to help communities work together to 
  prevent and reduce gun vioelnce. Through collaboration, we can decrease gun violence and help save lives.  The Convention has and is working
  with several of cities law enforcment agencies and police officers who have partnered with the convention to bring awareness of gun violence

The Convention partnered with the Paris, Police Department in 2015 & 2016 and Dallas, Tx 2017 educating and engaging students on best practical  decision-making and how to respond to law enforcment.  Bringing youth together with police officers has been effective cause of the convention. 

In Memory of Sheldon Jerome Williams Sr. 
(surving childrens)


​​​Raise awareness about prevention 
Ensure quality public education on gun violence prevention for all children 
Support efforts to improve safer communities by educating and collorabation with police officer agencies


Encourage students to consider the activties they value most, and how involvement with guns will interfere with their passios, their dreams and their goals. 

Suriving children left behind......

High Schools
Middle Shools
Elementary Schools
Speaking Engagements for victims families (Instructors)
Youth Convention


The No More Violence Youth Convention  teach students how to handle tough social situations. Students learn how to resolve problems without using violence. The Convention strategies is to build healthy and saftey of families, schools, and neighborhoods to sustain reductions in youth violence. 


The No More Violence Youth Convention Gun Violence Program is dedicated to helping young people around the world teaching them the skills of courage, compassion, and collaborative leadership to help them address the most challenging issues in their communities. The NMVYC is impacting every community, every City, every Neighborhood come and be apart of a life changing experience. 


Youth violence is preventable. The ultimate goal is to stop youth violence before it starts

We empower students and community partners to help reduce gun violence 
We prepare students with the movtivation to make positive life changes
We embrace students and families impacted by acts of violence through  NMVYC and support    services


Your donation will give many victims families the opportunties to serve and share their story to save a life through the No More Violence Organization program such as the NMVYC.  The Convention is grateful for any financial support that we recieve from those who wish to help us bring awareness of gun violence prevention.  Making your donation online is as fast, convienent and secure way to get us your donation immediately.  Contribution statement is available upon request. 

 Debra Williams
Gun Violence Prevention 

Terrance Williams 
Gun Violence Prevention