Gang Prevention Class  
Ages 14-15
Carl Williams

The No More Violence Youth Convention (NMVYC) is focused on gang prevention and intervention, aimed to reduce crime and violence associated with street gangs by providing an educated Instructor for the NMVYC by the name of Carl Williams.  Mr. Williams is committed to the cause and dedicated to bring youth development, self discipline, focus, and responsiblity to students.  Carl Williams life experiences that has changed his life seeking to help other students change their mind thinking, structuring around social responsiblity and personal accountablity which will include...

  • Rumor Control
  • Street Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Goal Setting
  • Responsiblity

The NMVYC would like to partner with your next  youth event, school, workshops, speaking engagements, and to help educate students the awareness on gang prevention.  The Convention gang prevention class/ program is to prevent students from joining gangs and to mininmize the chances of resorting to gang life. 

Why do young people join gangs?

  • To belong to a group
  • To get protection
  • To earn money
  • To seek excitement

What is a gang?

​A gang is a group of people who claim some territory known as "turf" and use it to make money. Gangs make money through illegal activities such as drug trafficking and extortion.  Gangs are violent and dangerous. 


Interested in helping to educate students in gang prevention or would like to share your experience and give back saving a child life. Please email your contact information, we would love to have your support. 


  • Reduce gang violence and steer at-risk youth away from gang involvment

  • Self Control, Self Esteem

  • Anger Management

  • Decision- making

  • Communication skills

  • Family relationship  strengthen 

  • Increase willingness to forgive


  • Decrease violent and the inappropriate behavior

  • Demonstrating goal and setting skills

  • Improve self esteem

  • Improve conflict resolution 

  • Decrease school drop out rates
  • Promote more positive thinking and behaviors
  • Greater success in school 


  • High Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Conventions
  • Workshops
  • Speaking engagements

​                                                                                      Physical Signs of Gangs

  • Tattoos or branding of the body with distinctive designs, logos, or names.

  • Changes in hair or dress style and/or having a group of friends who have the same hair or dress style.

  • Changes in dress with a preference for clothes of a certain color and to the exclusion of another color (i.e., prefers blue and will not wear red).

  •  Wearing clothes with certain team logos or names (i.e., "BK" stands for British Knights, a popular line of clothing, but it also stands for "Blood Killer"). Your local police, juvenile officer, or probation/parole officer can tell you what various brand and team logos mean in gang lexicon.

  • Wearing a hat tilted to one side or the other, rolling up one cuff more than the other or wearing a belt buckle to one side or the other. Historically, Bloods and Crips wore their hats, belts, etc., to one side or the other.

  • The presence of firearms, ammunition, or other deadly weapons. 

  • Signs of initiation, including shaved heads, new tattoos, bruises, cuts, and lacerations.

  • Photographs of your child and others displaying gang hand signs, weapons, cash, drugs, or gang-type clothing. 

  • Graffiti on or around your residence, especially in a child's room such as on walls, furniture, clothing, notebooks, etc. This may also include drawings and "doodling" of gang-related figures, themes of violence, or gang symbols.

  • Possessing  money and other belongings in excess of what you know he or she can afford.

  • Drawing gang symbols and using gang handwriting (usually graffiti-like, hard to decipher, and characterized by crossed out or upside-down letters).

The No More Violence Youth Convention is grateful for your financial support that we recieve from those who wish to help us educate on gang prevention. Making your donation online is as fast, convenient and secure way to get us your donation immediately. Contribution statement is available upon request.