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Bullying Prevention Class 
Ages 6-7



Empowering and Engaging young people to use the three P's.
The three P's include:
Preparation: prepare for your future
Purpose: believe in your dreams
Power: stay focused

The objective is to inspire young people to aspire to become there best self.
• Character Development
• Social Skills
• Proper Communication.

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Our mission to take innovative steps toward assisting clients with quantifying public and private resources that directly impact the local community.
Our vision is foreseeable by equipping business entities, individuals, civic programs, and employers with successful strategic system models to develop organizational structure that is or is not readily available.
In doing so we are providing a system model that is conducive to enhancing individual employment, community resources, and educational enrichment along with vocational training tools.
The No More Violence Youth Convention  (NMVYC) welcomes you to  the Bullying Prevention Program. The Convention is designed to support and educate all students that is inhospitable to those who would bully and how to take action. The No More Violence Youth Convention is here to educate students who attends the convention as well educate in schools, workshops, community events,  and speaking engagements.  The Convention is to make sure students know how to report bullying and feel safe doing so. site. 

Responding to Bullying

Educating Students 

Zero Tolerance & Policies 

The NMVYC will show students how to.....

Walk  Away- Students will understand how to remove themselves from the siutuation immediately

Say STOP-Students will learn how to feel safe and respond to weaken the effect on the aggressor

Keep Cool- Students will demonstrate how to control their emotions 

Don't Fight- Students will understand the results is not to fight back in response but examine the cycle of bad behavior
     The NMVYC will educate students...

  • To find Safe Spaces
  • To Practice Repsonding
  • To express their feelings
  • To Reach Out 

Across the world Zero-tolerance policies aimed to stop bullying to keep student safer and have more severe consquences. The No More Violence Youth Convention is to promote a positive school environment, to educate students in the Convention and combine social and emotional skill-building for all students, with targeted interventions for those at greatest risk for being involved in bullying


The No More Violence Youth Convention takes bullying and cyberbullying a serious matter and believe that through empowering our society to celebrate individuality and the acceptance of others, that we can work together in  linking research to practice and preventing youth by building infrastructure and enhancing academic and community partnership with schools,  community events, NMVYC,  and to make a difference and create a safer world. 




Reduce existing direct and indirect bullying problems with
students in the community and schools

Prevent the development of bullying problems

Students will be able to identify bullying when it happens both in person and online

Students will be able to apply skills learned on how to be an upstander and how to avoid bullies

Students will be able to recall incidents and share of bullying from personal experiences or from witnessing the incidents

To provide students, realisitic information, adapted to their age group in the No More Violence Youth Convention,  community events, workshops, and in schools.  The Convention will bring awareness and educate students value as indivduals, their rights and their responsibliies as well as those of others. 

 High School

Middle School


Youth Conventions

Community Events/Vendor 

Speaking Engagements- request victim

Help NMVYC bring awareness to Bullying. Volunteer Today!

Help us accomplish our mission on bullying prevention by volunteering.  Are you a parent who suffered the loss of a child to bullying?  No More Violence Youth Convention provides opportunities for families who loss of child to bullying to share and speak with students to educate the importance of this serious matter. 

                                           For questions about volunteering or speaking please fill out the form below 

Donate Today
NMVYC is organized by the No More Violence Organization 501c3 nonprofit
The NMVYC is grateful for any financial support that we recieve from those who wish to help us bring awareness to bullying. Making your donation online is as fast, convenient and secure way to get us your donation immediately. Contribution statement is available upon request.