Welcome to No More Violence Youth Convention website. Our goal is to travel to surrounding cities, suburbs, states, communities educating and empowering students and victims survivors​ through  healing from trauma and who are affected from violence by offering a  program such as the No More Violence Youth Convention. 

The  (NMVYC )  is a 2 day Youth Convention that focus on gang prevention,  gun violence prevention, suicide prevention, sex trafficking, bullying prevention, peacemakers, hazing prevention, law enforcement, and family domestic violence. We consistently bring together law enforcement personnel, victim advocates, faith community members, educators and others in this two day convention highlighting promising practices and emerging issues to  effectively respond to these crimes in all our communities. 


The No More Violence Youth Convention (NMVYC) was founded in 2014 by Patricia Allen the founder of No More Violence Organization (NMV) in Dallas, Tx.  Patricia Allen is a remarkable women and a community advocate  who is determine to make a difference in the communities and people lives. She believes with organizing this NMVYC is going to make a difference in lives of victims families and youth giving bright young people the opportunity to become successful in life and make better choices.  Patricia Allen met Shannon McGuire in 2014 while the No More Violence Organization was hosting a Victims Balloon Release for the family of the late Troy Gray Jr. killed of gun violence.  Patricia shared with Mr. McGuire her vision to bring the NMVYC to the City of Paris, Texas to help reduce crime rate and to bring education on violence to the community, Mr. Mc Guire agreed to host the first Annual No More Violence Youth Convention at Paris New Generation at his church. The NMVYC has grown over the past three years.

The network of sponsors, partners, pastors and community member is why the demand inspires others and sets the foundation for the movement. To enhance the convention each year more and more entities become a part of the movement. Volunteers and supports are welcomed to become advocates in the overall experience and education of the convention. The community improves while developing new educational classes and programs  established within the No More Violence organization.  Lead by example and become a community volunteer or advocate for the youth convention. Dynamic role models are needed and the movement can’t continue without the community’s dedication and support. The rate of violent crimes in the United States has increased dramatically over the period of the conventions. The demand is high to reach communities. NMV works directly with families that have suffered the loss of a child to acts of violence. While providing support to the family’s opportunities are open to share their loved one’s story to find peace and see the impact it has on the lives of others. Many of the youth at the convention are victims of parents killed from violence and this convention offer opportunities to support, encourage, and educate. Many of the victimized youth at the convention are survivors of parents killed from acts of violence.This convention and opportunity provides support, encourages and education to continue to endure. 

November 2014

                                                 Vision & Purpose

 ​The NMV-Youth Convention provides violence education to students from the communities ages 3 to young adults and adult class. Education sessions include Peacemakers, Suicide & Bullying Prevention,  Gun Violence Prevention, Gang Prevention, Hazing Prevention, Family Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking,  and Law Enforcement. The NMV- Youth Convention program is designed to reduce and prevent the incidence, acts of violence in our neighborhoods and communities. The  NMVYC brings together the best and most exciting programs to share knowledge,  develop best practices, collaborate with  community partners, and students can keep making smart, healthy decisions. 


Jacorey Taylor
son of the late Corey Taylor
July 2016
(Cathy Taylor)- grandmother assist grandson)

                                    Supporting/ Suriving children

Too often, children victims of violence keep it secret and receive no support. Experience shows that unfamiliarity with certain principles that apply to hearing child victims of violence can cause lasting damage to their capacity to  (re) build their lives. It is therefore essential that precautious are taken and that professionals who work with children such as the No More Violence Youth Convention has experienced instructors  and support families who have suffered the loss of their children to share with many students who attend as well professional law enforcement who help supports the convention.


Sheritha Smith NMVYC Family Domestic Violence Instructor 
speaking to attendees in her class
Mesquite, Tx 2017

                                            Supporting/ Victims Families 

  The importance of the No More Violence Youth Convention is to raise awareness by providing support to victims families who have suffered the loss of their love one to  violence providing opportunties to become Instructors in the NMVYC.  Family support  is a priority to provide programs such as to help families through difficult experiences. The right support can make all the difference to families who attends this Convention to build healthy relationships and strong social support will set children up with the tools they need for success. We understand that every victim family's case is different, and , as such, we provide a range of workshop classes to address a variety of needs.


 Lieutenant Danny Huff
Speaker - NMVYC 2016
Paris, Tx

​​ ​                                Support of Law Enforcement ​​

 The No More Violence Youth  Convention partnered with Paris Police Department with several of their officers who came out to speak to  students attending the convention July of 2015 & 2016. Lieutenant Danny Huff from the Paris Police Department talked to the youth  about what to do if they had an encounter with the police. Huff stated, "By nature of the job, there will be violence in the military and police work. Sometimes negative experiences with th police are brought on by you and sometimes it's brought on by us. " Huff asked the group not to judge all officers by what one officer does. Huff went on to say,  "There's good officers and there are some who, quite frankly, should not be officers. "Huff also offered advice on how to deal with situations involving the police.  He stated, " There must be control so we can live a happy life. We have to have rules to have a civilized society. The place to harsh out disagreements with police is not on the side of the road. You can complain later."